Multifunction Vacuum Generator 24 vdc N.C

These generators are seperate vacuum units that can control a complete vacuum gripping system.
The SE models are manufactured to be installed individually, the ME models in the next table are modules.

This series of generators are suitable for controlling suction cup sytems for moving glass sheets, ceramic slabs, plastis, cardboard, wood etc.

Because of their shape they lend themselves to applications in the industrial robotics sector.

Intake flow rates ranging from 26 l/min to 195 l/m.

Air consumption ranges between: 19 - 180 l/min.

Vacuum can be a complex business, please call us with your application we can assist.

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Multifunction Vacuum Generator 24 vdc N.C
Code Datasheet Connection Vac -kPa (2 Bar) Vac -kPa (4 Bar) Vac -kPa (6 Bar) Stock Price
(exc VAT)
19M14.M.09.SE.ED 3 x G1/4"418987 0 £609.17 (£731.00 inc VAT)
19M14.M.12.SE.ED 3 x G1/4"408886 0 £611.83 (£734.20 inc VAT)
19M14.M.15.SE.ED 3 x G1/4"408683 0 £722.99 (£867.59 inc VAT)
19M14.M.18.SE.ED 3 x G1/4"408684 0 £725.60 (£870.72 inc VAT)

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